Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nathan Fantasia animated Flash loop

Concept graphic from around 2005.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Art in Thrasher magazine

Found an old Thrasher mag with some of my art used:) Around the time with the Josh Swindell in mexico fiasco. May or June 1993?

Keywords: mail drop letters of note artwork in may or june 1993 thrasher magazine josh swindell guns tijuana jail prison artwork airbrushing and permanent marker on manila envelope

Monday, January 17, 2011

Stevie Williams animation

Stevie Williams...One of my first conceptual animated flash loops from back in the day.

Keywords: stevie williams animated kickflip flash graphic for airbrushed griptape concept art painted skateboard blank deck yellow paint with cad cut vinyl graphic from corel draw filmed with a sony vx-2000 digital camcorder dgk dirty ghetto kids

Fairy Illustrator art by Andres Guzman

Here is a piece of art done by Andres Guzman. I gave it a little animation life... It was used at the beginning of the Hollarado skateboard video by The Denver Shop.

Keywords: original illustrator fairy vector art by from andres guzman cut out animated by igor tkac in lightwave and aftereffects for the animated logo intro to hollarado

The Denver Shop animated Flash banner

Revolving animated photo banner from The Denver Shop.

Keywords: animated revolving panning photography photo banner from the denver shop university and evens skate skateboard shop anthony tony mellick

Thursday, January 13, 2011

ZUMIEZ 100k January 11, 2011

I airbrushed t-shirts at the Zumiez 100k party at Keystone for the third straight year... INSANE!

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William Spencer front flip from HOLLARADO

The now infamous front flip by "The Mile High Ninja" William Spencer from THE DENVER SHOP video HOLLARADO. Crazyness.

Keywords: animated flash loop william spencer front flip down civic center ten stairs denver colorado hollarado video sequence from the denver shop skateboarding filmer tony mellick gets props